nData turns unstructured data from online sources into logical, reliable data sets.

  • We use innovative solutions coupled with proven webscraping techniques and software to quickly collect and organize data from websites and online sources.

  • Timing depends on the volume and complexity of the request, but output can usually be delivered in as little as one week. Reach out for a quote to discuss the specifics of your project and priority options.

  • All projects and discussions are kept strictly confidential.


nData services can be employed to collect and analyze a broad range of data from publicly available information. Contact us to discuss your custom project and how we can help.

Competitor prices and promos

  • Determine competitive pricing by analyzing pricing and promotions across retailers
  • Build a database of competitor products and prices
  • Monitor changes in pricing over time

Competitor inventory

  • Understand what competitors are doing by analyzing inventory
  • Create data sets of SKUs, availability, product types, and other product information
  • Track changes in availability over time to determine product stocking and strategies

Financial intelligence

  • Create profile databases from widespread financial documents
  • Aggregate data from 10Ks, filings, and other reports
  • Track trends by collecting key data across annual reports

Sales intelligence

  • Generate sales leads by identifying individuals and businesses across certain demographics and industries
  • Create a database of contacts or organizations

Consumer opinions

  • Understand reputation through the eyes of consumers through reviews and comments on social media
  • Analyze comments from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms
  • Understand sentiments from online reviews of your brand or products

Media reputation and content

  • Understand reputation in the media or stay up to date on competitor content
  • Determine reputation over time through news headlines
  • Monitor content from news outlets or strategic focus from competitor press releases

Why nData?

The massive volume of data available on the internet is growing faster than ever and making sense of that data has become increasingly difficult. Finding, collecting, and organizing information from the internet is often labor-intensive and difficult. nData helps your team access and understand the data you need faster, cheaper, and more reliably.

nData helps produce faster insights

  • After feasibility and quote have been determined, nData can begin to deliver output in as little as one week.
  • nData provides interim updates to enable your team to begin to analyze and understand the data as it is available.
  • By providing clean and logical output, nData ensures a faster path to analysis and insights.
  • Based on team availability, priority and weekend requests are available.

nData helps lower costs with improved outcomes

  • It is inefficient to use expensive, high-powered team resources against labor-intensive data collection processes. Using nData is often less expensive than dedicating team resources to collect and process data.
  • It can take analysts several days to collect sufficient data even from simple websites. nData can help your team get a more complete picture in less time.
  • Leveraging nData enables your team to focus on high-impact problems and analysis.

Detail-oriented team delivers reliable data

  • Rigorous processes ensure we deliver complete and accurate data.
  • Unlike typical webscraping services, we provide data as a service with the utmost speed and quality. Avoid frustrating back-and-forth due to incomplete and inaccurate data.
  • Our experience working with consulting, private equity, and hedge fund teams means we understand the problems and data needs your team faces.

Contact us to get started!

Call, email, or write us a note below with any questions or to get a quote. All quotes are free and completely confidential.

If you are contacting us to receive a quote, we will set up a time to discuss your project specifics, typically within one business day. Not all websites or sources can be analyzed. In order to expedite the feasibility and quote process, indicate relevant websites or online sources your team is interested in analyzing.

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